Benefit lip kit

Let me first start with saying welcome to the family Mason! Yesterday, my cousin gave labor to a beautiful little boy. Happy to have a new nephew!

Now let’s talk about the gift she gave to me: the Benefit Lip Kit. This lip kit is designed with 4 all-in-one lipsticks and liners. It’s for made for women like me, women who love efficiency. Why do you have to do two things, if you can do it at once?

There are 4 colors: flame game, pink thrills, revved-up red and lusty rose in.

Benefit Lip KitBenefit Lip KitBenefit Lip KitBenefit Lip Kit

I know that most of you don’t feel like reading a full page, so I just summed up the pro’s and con’s. Read them below.

Thumbs up:

Mix of bright and soft colors

Combination of lipliner and lipstick creates a fuller look

Creamy formula (lips don’t dry out)

Great size of lipstick and packaging

Thumbs down:

Colors fade away quickly (you need to re-apply)

Not every color fits (at least not for me)

Just so you know Benefit does NOT test on animals!

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